Creative White Cloud Magnetic Keychain Novelty Wall Door Key Holder

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" F-EYE Magnetic Key Holder " 


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The Magnetic Cloud Key Holder is a straight-forward and minimalist gadget that is both functionally ingenious and stylish. Shaped like an embellished cloud from a child’s drawing, the Magnetic Cloud Key Holder can hold a large number of keys thanks to its strong (but not too strong) magnet and its available surface area. In this way, the device does exactly what its supposed to without having to depend on fancy embellishments or gaudy decoration. Magnetic Cloud Key Holder - no need to create a storm looking for your keys. That moment before you step out the door and you realise you have no idea where you left your keys is always a stressful one, but don't worry, here at Suck UK we have the answer! Our magnetic Cloud Key holder fixes to the wall and then suspends your keys from the bottom by using 3 hidden magnets. Designed to look like falling rain once the keys are hanging, this key holder is a fun and unique way to ensure that your keys are always in the first place you look, as well as adding some decoration to your home. Brilliant as a fun gift or as a functional accessory for your hallway, the Magnetic Cloud Key Holder is a lovely addition to any home.

SIMPLE DESIGN:-  Just put your keys close to the bottom of the cloud key holder lightly, your keys could be attracted by the magnet.*

" Features of Magnetic Key Holder " 


Fashion and especial design of cloud shape.

Easy to install and very convenient to use. With quality magnet. Material: ABS

Keeps your keys secure and easily accessible

Applicable Space:Living Room. Feature:Eco-Friendly.

Classification:Non-folding Rack. Installation Type:Wall Mounted Type.

100% Brand New and High Quality. Cloud shaped magnetic key holder.

With adhesive sticker at the back can be easily to be mounted on any wall.

Holds the keys with the use of a magnet. Size: About 10 x 6 x 3 cm.

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" Specification & Functions of Magnetic Key Holder " 


* Brand new and high quality. Cloud shaped magnetic key holder.

* With adhesive sticker at the back. Can be easily to be mounted on any wall.

* Holds the keys with the use of a magnet. For each of the keys do not have a storage device.

* A magnetic key storage device cloud basically meet the storage needs of key family.

* Material: Plastic.

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" How to use Magnetic Key Holder " 



Clean your wall, rip the sticker, find the right position and press, we recommend that

you had better use it 24 hours later after the key holder has been installed.

It could make the key holder more stable and long life time. 

then enjoy your new key holder.

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" Never Lose your Keys " 


Remember when you just close the door and outside, only to find that your keys and wallet are not on you Or each time searching your

keys all over the home to find you keys. This cloud magnetic key holder is designed for such situations. There is no need to put you

keys on you all the time. This magnetic cloud key could be fixed on the wall. Its bottom takes use of 3 hidden magnet to make

keys suspended. As long as you install the cloud key holder on a place where it can be accessed when needed next to the door,

you will never be in a muddle for finding the keys.

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" In the Box " 


1 x Magnetic Cloud Key Holder.

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Brand F-EYE
Color White
Dimension 9.8 x 5.6 x 3 cm
In Box
Product Name Key Cloud Magnetic Key Holder
User Manual 1
Mechanical Secification
Material Plastic and magnet

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