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FEYE Shoppy is one of the Central India’s biggest e-commerce website that deals in all types of latest technology and upgraded versions of exciting hi-tech products. We are here to provide you the global technology at your own place with the easy and reliable services. 

The story started from the year of 1999, with the name Technocrat was specially dealing in the GPRS products and phone machinery products. The initial success boosts up to work harder and get better result and in order to dream once more. Mr. Harish Kataria, director of our company had started the Pantagone Satellite in the remarkable day of year 2008. A great venture that had started dealing in the telecom sector and provided quality products and better services, this tremendous combination resulted in the increased demand that requires more staff to build in. The escalating demands and trust of our customers force us to expand the business and thus, Pantagone Satellite starts expanding its services in various products like RF products, embedded products, telecom products and the unique product i.e. the power bank.

We started with a small team, but with the huge enthusiasm and long ambition and one unified aim i.e. to make technology available in each and every hand. We have embedded our values, our culture, lots of motivation and believe in the latest technology that we deliver you through the innovative products and amazing services.

The story was creating its own history in the preceding years and the team is going to expand its leg in almost every new and innovative products. With spreading the successful business and great belief, we required establishing our brand name and thus, FEYE Shoppy has been introduced in the year of 2011.

What is FEYE and Why?

FEYE is not just a name to decorate the brand status, but a logical view of Mr. Harish Kataria. FEYE (F- fish: Eye- Eye/ Vision) stands for targeted vision, as he has a vision of creating his brand as the most lovable and the trusted brand in the series of  high technology and mobile products. This stated vision; we implemented in the core of our business and putting every effort to achieve the FEYE i.e. our vision.

The main motive of FEYE is only to earn customer satisfaction and offers you trusted website to shop. Nowadays, technical advancements make more dependency on the mobile phone and the whole world is getting submerged into the small pen and your requirements have shifted to the gadgets and accessories and thus, we are here to provide you the trusted brand.  

FEYE understands your needs and always do think new for you. As the battery products are not trustable in the market, we bring a huge assortment of battery products that are reliable and worth. We believe in innovation and thus always keep on launching new products like gaming pad, power bank, anti dust cap, tempered glass, Bluetooth Remote shutter, retro handset and many more technology upgraded products.

We are enlisted in all the trusted online shopping websites like flipkart, amazon, snap deal, group on, quicker etc. Our main motive is to provide better services to our customers and for this, we offer easier refund and return policy in just a step of single call.

Mission and Vision:

FEYE Shoppy is committed to making technology easily available in each and every hand by making customers more satisfied and happier”.

We are here to provide you the global technology at your own place and making customers more satisfied and not only to meet your expectations that you have from online shopping but to exceed it from FEYE.

Target for Next Five Years:

We are targeted for the next five years to achieve positively that includes

*    Launch own brand stores in all over the India.

*    Establish FEYE as the most admirable brand in the electronic and digital gadgets.

*    Make technology in reach easily to each and every hand.

Our Core Values:

*    Make more customers satisfied with the FEYE.

*    Build transparency and trust among consumers and partners.

Steps of Achievement:

*    FEYE was the successful step of moving from industrial products to the consumer products.

*    We are the first to provide trusted brand in the series of mobile accessories.

*    We are the first to introduce power bank in India before any other established brand

*    We are the first to launch Bluetooth gaming pad in India.

*    Launching of our own e-commerce website “FEYE Shoppy”.

*    Launching of our three brand store in Bhopal.

We are sharing the initial stages of our success and the story is not complete here. We are going to add more and more steps of achievement in this story. This is a brief way of thanking all our consumers and partners who supported us in achieving this benchmark and insist us to move forward. 



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