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25 Feb / 2016

Seven things to know before you book Freedom 251

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While the world kept asking questions and Indians remained puzzled, a Noida-based startup, promising a Rs. 251 smartphone, on Friday claimed to have received nearly five crore registrations in just two days.

There’s very little information about Ringing Bells or on how it intends the keep the costs down. At the time of writing this article, the company’s website said the bookings for the phone were closed.

23 Apr / 2015

5 things you must do before your smartphone gives you a heart attack!

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If you have you bought a fancy, expensive smartphone that has cost you a bomb, then you must also take care of it in order to avoid getting a heart attack! Confused? How would you feel, in case your brand new smartphone slips out of your hand accidentally, drops against hard surface, and goes kaput! How about an accidental water splash on your phone that damages the phone right away! We are sure you wouldn’t even want to think about these moments or about the repairing cost for the damaged phone. You must now be able to realize what we are talking about here?

24 Apr / 2015

Facebook has a new dialler and caller ID app for Android called " Hello"

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On Wednesday, Facebook launched a new app called Hello, which acts as a dialler as well as a caller ID app, letting users know who is calling even if they do not have the number saved on their handsets. Notably, the same team that created Facebook's standalone Messenger app has created Hello - Facebook's Creative Labs.

22 Apr / 2015

Wireless Chargers For The Samsung Galaxy S6/S6 Edge

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One of the more popular features of the Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge – at least among us tech geeks – is the inclusion of Qi Wireless charging. Sure older Galaxy smartphones had it, but you had to buy the Qi Wireless charging back to actually use it. Which was usually another $60 or so, unless you could find it on sale. Since the back of the Galaxy S6 is not removable, Samsung has decided to bake in Qi and PMA wireless charging. Which is a great thing, and it’s probably what will make wireless charging mainstream. Similar to Apple doing Apple Pay and making mobile payments mainstream.

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