Universal 4G,3G,2G,CDMA 9dbi High Gain Network Antenna For Mobile, Data Card With 20 Meter Cable & 5.9" Big Adapter Best Network Solution For All Network Operators

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" 4G/3G/2G CDMA Data Card Antenna " 

Are you experiencing poor network reception at home, office or at your workplace? Tired of low signals that 

causes dropped calls and slow internet speed on your data card or router? Are you just out of reach from 

the nearest cell signal? Then, our premium quality wired 3 in 1 antenna is the best solution to overcome this 

problem by providing steady cellular signals. This universal antenna that works without electricity provides 

stable, even and uniform network signals almost equivalent to outdoor availability. Now further, you don't 

have to undergo any situation of panic for searching and roaming for network here and there. Static network 

access is what this antenna promises to offer by three simple steps of installation. First, place the antenna 

on rooftop or terrace facing towards the tower with the help of a pole and at a maximum height to receive 

strong signals. Second, connect the first end of the cable with antenna and other end with the wrapping adapter. 

Third, move the adapter on your mobile to obtain desired signals, when accessed wrap the adapter at the 

same position only (moving of adapter not needed on data card). The network reception inside may vary 

depending on the available network strength outside. (Suppose, if the accessible network is 5 bars outside, 

it promises to provide with 3-4 stable bars inside due to the usage of the cable length). This product only 

transmits signals properly indoors and should not be regarded as a booster. Perfectly suitable for home, 

office and other poor network reception regions, this durable antenna support all network operators of 

CDMA, 2G, 3G and 4G. Also, it works for a single user at a time only. Increasing your convenience, this 

package comes with a mobile holder that holds both, your mobile with adaptor, providing the freedom to 

use mobile without strips wrapped on screen.                


" Compatibility " 



" Features and Functions of Data Card Antenna " 



PREMIUM QUALITY, HIGH PERFORMANCE ANTENNA: Get superb and convenient network strength with stable and uniform signal quality to comfortably talk and surf undisturbed internet always. Reduces network fluctuation that commonly occurs indoors due to low reception. Impressively supplies almost equivalent or at times varied frequency of signals depending on the available network outdoors.


UNIVERSAL COMPATIBILITY WITH EASY TO USE: Perfectly supports all network operators of WCDMA, 2G, 3G and 4G without using electricity. Simply move the adapter on mobile to search better signals and wrap on mobile. For data card just wrap as it is and have the joy of steady signals on the go.


STRONG AND IDEAL NETWORK SYSTEM: Perfectly suitable for home, offices and poor network reception places with easy installation that can be executed by yourself. Avail proper and steady network signals using this innovative design antenna.


ECO-FRIENDLY, STATIC AND BEST SERVICE: Provides a proper range of even and constant cellular signals with environmentally friendly use. Completely withstands and serves the best in all extreme weather conditions.


WHAT WILL YOU GET:- 1 X 5.9" Big Adapter, 1 X Outdoor Antenna, 1 X 20mtr Cable.               



" How to Install " 



The installation process is really very easy which can be performed all yourself without taking any help of a technician.Simply set the external antenna outside the premise in open, to catch signals easily. Tighten one suitable end of the cable to the antenna box and wrap the other adaptor pad on your handset respectively. When installed successfully and using for the first time, if signals are not coming favourable, simply adjust and fine-tune the external antenna not the mobile adaptor. Once done, enjoy the flawless network experience.


How Does This Equipment:

  • The Mobile antenna uses one external antenna and one internal mobile adapter for these: external, that is directed towards the cell base station, and internal, that is connects on subscribers mobile. External antenna receives signal from the mobile base station and send the signal through cable in mobile.


" In the Box " 


1-Outdoor Antenna 

* 20-mtr Cable.

1-Data Card Adapter.

1-Year Warranty Card.

1- User Manual.


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