Sale F-EYE 13000 mAh Power Bank Micro USB Cable with Charging Adapter Complete Kit

F-EYE 13000 mAh Power Bank Micro USB Cable with Charging Adapter Complete Kit

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 Stylish New deisgn 13000 mAh Dual Charging Power Bank

F-EYE 13000 mAh Dual USB output power bank is a far superior and exclusive quality power bank that is itself very unique in its gorgeous looks and class. This stylish F-EYE battery charger apart from being the beautiful looking and a premium standard gadget, also gives the best and advanced charging performance as well. With its dual USB output ports that fast charges, any combination of devices at an impressive top speed of 2.1A, this F-EYE power bank also offers high charging efficiency. When it comes to recharging the power bank itself, the 2A input technology, it's equipped with makes recharging twice as fast as other 1A input ordinary chargers. The very attractive black-green combination, soft-touch silicone rubber finish ABS+PC shell case offers non-slip feel with great comfort. It is made using high quality materials that make it a durable and long lasting power bank. The design given to this model is unique and sophisticated. The row of 4-LEDs light up on command to tell you how much of the 13000 mAh capacity remains. This best power bank features Li-ion battery for a powerful output and 7 safety measures that makes it a very trustworthy gadget and one that will last you many years to come. 


 Super High-Speed,High-output, USB charging Cables

A very common problem of slow charging of mobile and slow recharging of power bank is faced by everyone, although having a high input and high output  power bank. The main reason behind this drawback is only because of using the average low quality 1A cables. To fast charge your devices,  high quality cable is a must and is the most important accessory. So, to overcome this problem, we are providing you with the best premium quality, super high-speed charging low loss 2.4A USB cables. These F-EYE high performance  cables can fast charge your device and quick recharge the power bank in short time with complete stability, compared to other poor quality common cables.


Compact,Lightweight and Stylish Design


Specially carved durable shell casing gives beauty, strength and style with easy portability. It's ergonomic feel and premium compact finish adds rich comfort when in hands.

Integrated Worth Buying Gadget



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